"Smart Girls" (aka "Knüla", "Smarties" or "Smart Boys") is a 2011 single by Swedish pop duo Den Lunatic. The song is an adapted "reimagining" of Weezer's own song of the same name. Although popular, the song was not as successful as the group's first single "...Is an Emotion."

Ronaldo and Kukstrom have both criticized the song publically as "a disaster" and "shit". Both insist that they "were drunk, on ecstasy, and had not slept for several days" while recording the song. It was never supposed to be released, but—according to Kukstrom—"the moneygrabbing label people released it without our permission." Ronaldo later added, "they betray[ed] me. They betray[ed] us. They betray[ed] everyone. I [am] fed up with this world."

Their label, Luna Records, later issued an official statement declaring that "not only did Ronaldo and Kukstrom encourage us to release their recording of ['Smart Girls']," but that "they also threatened to have beligerent, Swede sex with us until we did." Ronaldo and Kukstrom have never responded to the allegations, and as of May 2011 Den Lunatic is no longer on Luna Records.

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