Sandbaby is an American rock project from Salt Lake City, UT, headed by chief singer-songwriter Kody Yardley. As its chief member, Kody remains the sole director on the band's sound, direction and songwriting. However, other musicians have contributed to various songs over the years.


The first album, which is self-titled, was recorded at Blue Boots Studio around 2002-2003 and was engineered by Matt Humes. Throughout the recording of this album, this solo "band" was being called The Audiotrap, but would soon after completion be called Sandbaby. Over the course of a year, Kody and Matt would record on weekends. These sessions would often take place after band practices or recording sessions for the Brodie album, Bodhisattva, You Create.

Following the completion of first album, an unreleased album called Nimbus was recorded with Charles Humes at the mixing board engineering the project. Ten songs were recorded over the coarse of two months, many of which would end up being re-recorded for material on the next two albums, The Audiotrap and Wake Up. Immediately after the tracking of Nimbus, yet another untitled album was recorded. Eight more songs were recorded but the project was abandoned by Kody before the vocals were recorded. Nobody knows where the assets are, and Kody can't remember any of the songs, so these songs are lost, probably forever.

Not long after the sessions that Charles Humes engineered, Kody began the initial writing and recording of material for the album that would eventually be called The Audiotrap. The Audiotrap, which was self-produced and engineered, turned out to be a very electronic pop album, utilizing a lot of synths, sequencers and drum machines.

Before the completion of The Audiotrap, he began working on the next album called Wake Up. The album was very different from his previous album in that it was more acoustic, and featured more mellow songs. Wake Up is often hailed amongst fans as on of the best albums.

After the completion of Wake Up, Kody took some time away from Sandbaby, working on other things. When he finally picked it up again and start writing, he cranked out the songs that would become the material for the next record entitled Earthsick. Earthsick was different than the previous albums, in that it utilized live drums and bass, the previous two albums used only electronic drums and sequenced bass. Earthsick was released in 2010.

Currently, the process of writing and recording the next record has begun. Kody hopes for a 2014 release.

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