"Pretty" is the third song on the first side of Hey, There's Tommy! Hey Tommy, Where's Mom & Dad?, the lone album by Humming Bird. It was written entirely by Kody Yardley, with only the name coming from the initial Humming Bird brainstorming session (i.e. Jack and Martin).

Writing and RecordingEdit

Martin emailed Kody on October 1, 2011, and gave him the option of either writing a song called "Pretty" or a song called "Djinn Djinn (Tail Light)."

Excerpts from the email correspondenceEdit

Martin: "jack and I realized we could probably write this record in 4 minutes. So here's a song title. Try and make it *********** and happy and sound like **********. The general rule Jack and I have been operating on is "if writing the entire song takes you more than 20 minutes then you're doing it wrong."'You can either write one called "Pretty" or "Djinn Djinn (Tail Light)". The choice is yours. Remember. ************. Happy. ********"

Kody: ok, can i hear something you guys have done?

Martin: We want YOU to determine what you think it means. It's the fly fishing of rock. Quick ideas, quick recording. Make it happy. Maybe ********* meets wouldn't it be nice witha dash of grunge

Kody: K i'll do pretty.

The song was written in "thirty minutes" according to Kody and was recorded the next night, on October 2.

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