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Lumo's Rocket

Lumo the Cosmonaut is a solo project by Martin Michalek, who is a songwriter and member of The Lunatic. The name first began to see use during the spring of 2010, and is currently the artist name under whom Martin demos his new songs. Before becoming a project name, "Lumo the Cosmonaut" was a Brutha song, written during the summer of 2009.

Martin looks to release a solo album under the project before the end of 2011.


Spring 2010Edit

Summer 2010Edit

Fall 2010Edit

  • Orchards
  • I Switched the Glasses
  • VeloCity
  • Igualmente

Winter 2010Edit

Early 2011Edit

Spring 2011Edit

  • Melpomene's Nocturne
  • Peter Pumpkineater
  • I'm So Embarrassed (Sandbaby cover)
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