Den Lunatic are an ambiguously gay Swedish Europop duo, founded in September 2010 by Yac Ronaldo and Mårten Kukstrom. They mutually met as lovers of fun, proponents of liberal sexuality, partiers, and—most importantly—fans of Swedish sensation Andreas "Melack" Nordén. Their debut single, "...Is an Emotion" was a smash hit in both Europe and America, quickly climbing the charts and popularizing the phrase "Are you having ze fun times??" They are ferverent supporters of glory holes, and have helped tear down the American stigma surrounding them.

Musical styleEdit

Den Lunatic songs are typically light-hearted party songs written to uplift and provide partiers with fun times and music to dance to. Their two singers are both known for their round timbres, which some critics have praised and others have criticized as "cum guzzling vocals." Their songs employ heavy synthesizers, dance beats, intricate vocal harmonies, auto-tune, and light guitar embellishment. Lyrics typically revolve around having sex, partying, having party sex, having fun, having fun parties, and having fun party sex.


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