"...Is an Emotion" is a 2010 dance pop single written, recorded, and released by the Swedish duo Den Lunatic. The song is the group's biggest hit to date, topping the charts in both the United States and Europe. The song was written and recorded in less than two hours. Critics have praised the song as extremely catchy, and "a song that is sure to make anyone who hears it smile and dance."

Writing and recordingEdit

The song was written by Yac Ronaldo and Mårten Kukstrom . The two both came up with the chord progression, melody and rhythm in a matter of minutes, with Yac adding synthesizer parts and Mårten writing most of the lead guitar parts. Kukstrom then added lyrics. The lyrics, he says, "were inspired by our good friend, Melack, who insisted that people wrote off fun songs as having 'no emotion.' Melack told them, 'You people forget that fun is an emotion too.' Oh, yeah!"

Said Ronald, "When we were writing the song, we kept asking ourselves 'How would Melack react in this situation? If I were dancing and this song came on what would I want the next part to be? If Melack were at this party, what would be happening?'"

Kukstrom added, "We knew the Beatles would be playing. We knew there would be lots of glory holes. And we wanted to encourage American listeners to not be so uptight, and embrace whatever happens at a party and not get hung up on 'what's gay' and 'what isn't.'"

Note: all quotes translated from Swedish.

Release and critical receptionEdit

"...Is an Emotion" has been universally praised by critics and listeners. No one anywhere has ever said anything bad about it. The song has become a party staple and lyrics from it are often quoted, particularly "You must not ever forget that the fun is an emotion," "Are you having ze fun times??", and "Either way, we're Brian." The song has been credited as breaking down sexual hangups at American parties, popularizing the glory hole, and making 2010 funner. The song has been covered by a few European artists.

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